Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vinyl - garage sale style

I tried to write this post earlier today but today has been lost to sleeping and reading. I woke up at 7:15 this morning unable to breathe through my nose. Ah, allergies - how I love thee! So I was up for a bit but then I went to read in the comfy chair in the living room and fell asleep over the arm of the chair. I went back to bed and slept till 11:30! The rest of the day has alternated between plowing through City of the Dead (Brian Keene writes zombie fiction like no one else on the planet) and sleeping.

Now that it's nearly 9pm and I should start thinking about going to bed soon, I am awake. Such is life.

But here's what I really wanted to write about. Jeff and Caryle came up yesterday afternoon for Heidi's belated birthday celebration. During the morning, he had helped his sister with her garage sale and apparently, there was a crapload of vinyl for sale. He called me mid-morning and ran a few titles by me. A couple I already had, a few I wasn't interested in, but there were two that really got my attention. Here's the first:

It is, obviously, Stevie Nicks' 4th solo album The Other Side of the Mirror which I pretty much trashed here. Still, it was the only one of Stevie's solo albums that were actually issued on vinyl that I didn't have. This album was completely unopened - plastic seal still intact so whoever purchased it NEVER EVEN LISTENED TO IT. Well, because I know Stevie, I knew that the stuff on the inside would not be boring, so I ripped open the plastic, undisturbed since 1989 and sure enough, I was right!

That picture on the inner sleeve is one of my favorite Stevie photos of all time. I always figured it was from an earlier Stevie era, but I guess the poster of it I had in college was a promo for Mirror so it makes sense. Was it included in the Mirror CD artwork? I can't remember and I am too lazy to go look. And I love how Modern had all the vinyl labels for her solo albums be something that tied into the album cover. In this case, it's the black-and-white checkerboard floor.

I'm pretty sure that my Stevie vinyl collecting days are over because I would be shocked to find out that either Street Angel or Trouble in Shangri-La had been released on vinyl.

Jeff also found this - less exciting than the Stevie find, but still a quintessential album of the 80s.

Nothing exciting on the inside of this - all the pictures here were included in the CD release.

Sometimes I really miss vinyl. Sure it started wearing out the minute you started playing it, but I love how big the artwork is. I really need to get myself a record player.

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