Saturday, September 27, 2003

More Stevie Nicks this morning. Hard telling what's putting me in the Stevie mode. Reminds me of that Simpsons Halloween special that was a take-off on Harry Potter where Mr. Burns (as Lord Montymort) says about Lisa "That girl has more wicked witchery than Stevie Nicks!" Today it's a bunch of live mp3s that I got in the Audiogalaxy hey-days. Hey, the only other way to get those things is to buy bootlegs which doesn't do any more than good than downloading.

A perfect example of how downloading really does work to press people to buy CDs is the John Mayer CD I bought the other night. I probably would have never bought it had I not had the opportunity to just sit and listen a few of the songs at my leisure. Personally, I think that mp3s are filling the void that singles used to occupy. Record companies did everything in their power to ensure the demise of the single--which they were convinced was cannibalizing album sales. I remember buying all sorts of 45 rpm singles when I was in high school--a lot of times even when I had already bought the album. (OK, maybe that's just Madonna stuff, but y'know! It was Madonna.) It was only when singles started being priced at $7.99 that I really quit buying them--even the CD maxi singles unless they were Madonna.

We're off to a wedding this afternoon. Would rather be beaten senseless than go, but it'll be fun. We're only going for the reception.

Well, I'm gonna go take Anna to the library as I'm looking for a couple things there and I'd really like to get out. So there it is.

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