Friday, September 26, 2003

OK, petty gripe of the day: Palm technology. I know, I know, it's blasphemy. As a health care professional, they should be making my life easier, right? Then why is it that all they manage to do for me is make me feel guilty because I'd rather use books or Google? Mine is mostly a big pain in my butt because I don't have a Hot Sync on my desk at work so I always have to remember to use John's which I do about once a month which invariably serves the double purpose of charging my batteries. I tell ya, it was kind of a waste of money on the part of the hospital. I'm glad John likes his and all, but I just can't seem to get into them.

Mostly feeling crappy about work because all I wanna do is write or daydream or do something that will distract me from my general unhappiness there right now. I'm mostly just going through the fall thing that seems to happen to me every year, but this year's seems milder than previous years'.

I'm frustrated beyond words that I can't find a decent template for this blog. All the ones that are provided by Blogger are either too gaudy or too big or if they have the type of font and arrangement that I like, they don't have a place to put links down the side or anything like that. Plus, when I go look for blog templates on the web, they're all so damn feminine--big poofy flowers and butterflies. Hello!

It's been a weird day. Mostly just feeling lonely and thinking about friends and what not. Wishing my really close ones were geographically closer and not so far away. Talked to Jeff last night which was fun as always. He had called while we were in CR and we called him after we got back. We discussed all the usual topics and Heidi was way more interested in her e-mail than in talking I think.

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