Thursday, September 25, 2003

Room For Squares, Religion, and Bush Hatred

Went to Cedar Rapids tonight for Heidi's writing group thingee. Anna and I hung out at Best Buy where I must have become one of the last people on Earth to actually buy the John Mayer CD Room For Squares. I had downloaded some of it from Kazaa and I really liked what I heard. It was only 11 bucks so I figured what the heck. It's a good CD alright. He's kinda Dave Matthews-ish which doesn't really explain why I like it because I really don't like Dave Matthews all that much. But I guess it pays to not examine everything so deeply every once in a while.

I just got done reading this book called Crossing Over: One Woman's Exodus from Amish Life. It was only okay. I had high hopes for it--part of me was hoping it'd be this shocking expose on the Amish because I'm always looking for juicy stuff like that. But really, it was just about how the lady who wrote the book (or, more accurately, co-authored the book) feel in love with a non-Amish dude and had to leave to be true to herself. She wasn't the world's greatest writer, that's for certain. There were parts of it that were so treacly you about had to go check your blood sugar. Parts of it were incredibly naive and you have a hard time believing what she writes. But I suppose you have to remember the life she came from and how sheltered it was.

Speaking of religions, the Mormons stopped by today. I wasn't home, but Heidi said that she told them that she was Lutheran and was happy with her relationship with God. She also mentioned that I was good friends with a Mormon. And they asked "Oh, here in town?" to which she replied "Oh, no, in Ohio." Not sure what they made of that. *shrug*

Politically speaking, this article is a must-read for people on both sides of the fence. Whether you support Bush or not, it's an interesting read. The debate between the author and a editor at National Review that follows the article is also well worth the time and energy to read. I don't know much about which periodicals are liberal rags and which are conservative rags, but I have a hunch that New Republic is part of the liberal press. I don't know if I'd go as far as to say that I hate Bush--hate's a pretty strong word which I think should be reserved for someone who has violated either you or your family/friends personally. I don't agree with his policies and every time I see him on TV I cringe a little bit, but I don't hate the guy. I just don't want to see him re-elected, that's all.

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