Sunday, October 05, 2003

Haven't blogged in a while--not sure why. Crazy life I guess. Went to another wedding this weekend--this one in Des Moines so it was a bit more metropolitan and sophisticated than the one last weekend. Anna had a great time dancing and I made a bloody fool of myself doing the hokey pokey. And I hadn't even had anything to drink!

We stayed with our friend Mary on Saturday night so as to avoid the nearly 3 hour drive back on the same day that we made the drive there. That was pretty fun--watched the first episode of Season 4 of Buffy and the first episode of Season 1 of Angel. We've gotten Mary hooked on those shows--she practically devoured the first 3 seasons of Buffy. We're currently watching Season 2 of Angel on DVD and I have to say that it's pretty good. I like watching the eps where the story of Angel's past is told. Plus the whole Barry Manilow karaoke is just a crack-up.

I was noticing on the official Dean blog that there's a link to Mormons for Dean. I mean, there's even a Mormons for Dean blog! I'll have to run that past Kevin and see what he thinks of that. I'd be really interested to hear his take on it. I know he's definitely not a Dean supporter, but I'd be curious to hear his reaction to all that. He should be coming back from his trip sometime soon (can't remember when right off) and I'm looking forward to getting in touch with him again.

I bought the new John Mayer CD Heavier Things today on the strength of Room For Squares. It's going to be a slow burn, I can tell. However, there is a pretty cool song on there called "Daughters" which just makes me think of my own daughter and how much I love her. We had a great time at the children's museum today--made me hope that when Kev comes to visit that he brings Gretchen so we can all do that. Talk about a way fun time! But the CD is quite different from RFS, and consequently, I think it'll take a little getting used to.

I'm listening to Diana Krall right now--"Peel Me A Grape." I'm thinking of making a fall mellow mix CD or something. Kind of in that mode right now. It's not a depressive thing or an SAD thing, but I'm just feeling like that kind of music right now. Hence, all this John Mayer I'm pretty sure. I even pulled out Simply Streisand the other day because I'd heard one of the songs on that CD on Yahoo! Launchcast Friday. (Launchcast, incidentally, is the absolute best internet radio that you can possibly get for four dollars a month.) Simply Streisand has got to be one of the guiltiest of all my guilty pleasures (as well as one of the shortest--I think it's only like 29 minutes long or something!)

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