Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Short post re: updates

Not much time to blog tonight as I've spent most of my time getting my sidebar in order. I've finally acquiesced and decided to stick with this blog template. It's not that offensive even though there are a ton of other blogs out there that look exactly like it. I also got a comment thing going on which is courtesy of BlogSpeak, so if you're reading this, please comment. I'd love to know who out there is reading this, if anyone!

Heard a little bit about Howard Dean's prescription drug thing. Not so keen on the preferred drug list, but am glad to see he's taking on direct-to-consumer advertising which is one of the biggest money making ploys the drug companies have done in recent memory. As somebody on another blog wrote, it's not like prescription drugs are deodorant or toilet bowl cleaner. They shouldn't be advertised like that. My opinion, natch.

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