Friday, November 05, 2004

Remixed Re-Invention

Amidst the craziness of the last week or so, I've managed to complete what was a germ of an idea in my head a while back. I've been listening to the Re-Invention Tour a lot--re-living a lot of fun memories of going to the tour in D.C. this summer. The recording that I'm listening to a lot is one from Atlanta which is probably the best sound quality of all the ones I've heard. I also love how when she's singing "Material Girl" and she's all "this song goes so far back that I can't even remember the words to my own fucking song! So you're gonna have to help me out." Anyway, I've put together a mp3 playlist (maybe a 2-CD set if I get around to it) of a remix of each song from the Re-Invention Tour. Some are official, most are bootlegs. Anyway, I'm really enjoying listening to it. Here's my list

The Beast Within (A!O Words of Prophecy Mix)
Vogue (RA's Superfiltered Mix)
Nobody Knows Me (Above & Beyond 12" Mix)
Frozen (Dens54 Musette Remix)
American Life (Felix Da Housecat Devin Dazzle Club Mix)
Express Yourself (Coming Out Local Vision Edit)
Burning Up (2004 Revised Edition)
Material Girl (Extended Version)
Hollywood (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duck Mix)
Hanky Panky (Bare Bottom 12" Mix)
Deeper & Deeper (Marc Hanumm Remix)
Die Another Day (Brother Brown's Bond-Age Club Mix)
Lament (Dying In Your Arms Tonight Mix)
Bedtime Story (Luscious Vocal Radio Edit)
Nothing Fails (Peter Rauhofer's Classic House Mix)
Don't Tell Me (Victor Calderone Sensory Mix)
Like A Prayer (Mixman Mike's Pious Anthem Club Mix)
Mother & Father (Forfait Mix)
Into The Groove (DMC Mix)
Papa Don't Preach (M-A.N. Cosmos Mix)
Crazy For You (Tony Moran Club Circuit Mix)
Music (Idaho's Musicology Remix)
Holiday (A!O Live Collection Medley)

Bonus Track:
The Re-Invention Medley (mixed by Madonna-Addiction)

Pretty cool, eh? Yeah, some of the remixes are not really remixes ("Lament" is basically an extended version of the CD version.) The version of "Holiday" is really cool because it starts with the version "Holiday" from the Virgin Tour and ends with the version from Drowned World Tour. The whole playlist is a lot of fun to listen to and was even more fun wading through the nearly 1000 Madonna mp3s I have on my hard drive trying to find just the right one for the mix.

(updated on 11/6 with link to Re-Invention Medley mp3)

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