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It's a day before the election and I'm confident of a Kerry win. Talking to my sister, who is very guardedly confident--she described it as "I think Kerry will win, but I'm still holding my breath."--I realized just how far gone the right wing in this country has gone. Their arguments don't even make sense. And so much of the time, right wing voters are one issue voters--abortion, health care, etc. Which is not to minimize those issues, but seriously, not voting for Kerry because you don't like socialized medicine? OK, first thing, his plan isnt socialized medicine and secondly, do you think any kind of health care reform has a prayer of passing an almost certainly Republican controlled Congress? Not likely.

I shudder when I think about the damage done to this country by Bush and his cronies. I agree with the Salon article linked above.
"Historians will likely judge the Bush presidency one of the worst in the history of the republic--an amalgam of arrogance, radicalism and folly so egregious it's almost laughable."
Only trouble is, no one's laughing.

I'll be knocking on doors tomorrow trying to get out the vote for Kerry and our local Democratic slate of candidates. I hope we have cause for celebration tomorrow. Hopefully, this is the end of Bush's presidency. Power to the people!

Seems appropriate to link to this today. Dean may not be the nominee, but he did have his finger on the pulse of disaffected Democrats.

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There are worse Day Passes that you could have to see. This one was for the Daily Show.