Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Wait a minute, I'm not done yet.

This election is so bupkis. Yeah, I know that Bush is winning "fair and square" this time with no discrepancy between the popular vote and electoral college. But what I'm refering to is how all these really good people are being beaten by these bastards. What is our country going to look like in four years? Will there still be any public education for Anna to use? Will there be any national parks left or will there be oil wells in all of them? Corporations will only gain more power under a second Bush term, and the media, well, so much for the fucking so-called liberal media.

Do I think Kerry was the perfect man for the presidency? Hell no. I mean, he voted for the war in Iraq which is just turning into the biggest clusterfuck since I don't know what. But what I know for certain is that Bush is absolutely the wrong man for the job. I mean, I would prefer my president be interested in learning things rather than just surrounding himself with yes-men. I would prefer my president not be somebody I want to go drink with or even have lunch with. I expect more from my president than that. Which is what kills me every single time I see people saying that they're voting for Bush because they think he's "one of us" I just have to shake my head in complete bewilderment. Yeah, that's how I pick my president. Jesus.

So the country's a mess and will remain a mess and all those smug Republicans across America will be on TV and at work and at the grocery store acting like they just averted the apocalypse by keeping John Kerry out of office. Well, you know what? Screw them. Screw everyone who voted for Bush and wasn't conscious enough to see the damage that he's done to this country. Good-bye civil liberties with Patriot Act II. Good-bye equal rights under the law and hello discrimination into the U.S. Constitution via the Hate Amendment. Good-bye environmental protections and good-bye to the working class. They're pretty much screwed now anyway.

I know I'm overgeneralizing and I know that I'm speaking mostly out of hate right now. Well, so be it. I get to be angry. I get to be irrational. I get to be irritated. I just can't believe that half the country is so crazy. Even if Kerry pulls a win out of his hat now (which looks increasingly unlikely unless Ohio falls into the win column) the fact that it's this close is just devastating to my morale and my belief in the innate good and common sense in people. I can't believe I'm watching what I'm watching. I can't believe that I'm going to have to put up with four more years of cowboy foreign policy.

You know, Ronald Reagan asked the question during the 1980 election -- "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?" For me, the answer would probably be yes. We live in a nice neighborhood and I have a good paying job with good health benefits and we have a lot of creature comforts that many people can't afford. But you know what? Sometimes, it's not just all about me. What about the people that have no job that had one four years ago, or have a job that pays significantly less than the one they lost? What about the people who have no health care? What about the people who can't even freaking afford to put food on their table? Tell that to all those evangelical "Christians" who voted for Bush because he's anti-abortion.

No, instead we have to vote based on guns, God, and gays--as Howard Dean put it during the primaries. Who cares if we have money as long as we get to keep our AK-47s and keep those damn homosexuals from destroying the fabric of society? I just can't believe it. I'm in utter shock.

And it all started here in Iowa. Iowans chickened out at the last minute and sent Kerry on his way to the nomination because he was the man who could "beat Bush." Well, here ya go. Maybe Dean would have been beaten even more decisively--who knows?

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