Thursday, April 14, 2005

Horror pop culture dolls, part deux

Now that I have the plush Alien chestburster, this is the next bit of horror movie pop culture I want to get for my office. It's the Zuni fetish doll from that cult classic TV movie Trilogy of Terror. I got this movie from Netflix and watched the part with the Zuni doll in it--anyone who around my age has to remember it. You know--gold chain falls off the doll's waist and it goes completely ape-shit ballistic on Karen Black. I remember being scared shitless as a kid by that movie--Ryan even more so--but as with most horror movies, I was oddly intrigued by it. So I probably watched that part of the movie a zillion times until I was desensitized to it.

While I don't think Anna is ready for the movie, I think she might be as intrigued by this as she is by "the scary guy" a/k/a the Alien.

I think I'd probably just be scared that I'd come home and find the gold belt off the doll someday. And then I'd feel this stabbing pain in my calves.

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b said...

the looks freaky