Monday, April 18, 2005

Pink shirts

Ran across this article in the Iowa State Daily while I was on campus this morning getting my ticket to the Casey Stratton/Eric Himan show on at the M-Shop this week.

"A Serious Threat To Masculinity"

And in response to it, I think I just might wear a pink shirt to work today. I realize that it's mostly a college newspaper columnist being alternately goofy and inappropriately outraged, but I always resist any attempt to define masculinity or being a man as this thing or that thing but definitely NOT this thing.

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Anonymous said...

My issue with the article isn't his attack on pink. I agree it has become over done in a lot of instances. Why though does pink equal sissy? His beef should be an overplayed trend, not with the effemination of an entire gender. When pink becomes a major trend among men, it BECOMES MASCULINE. There are underlying issues with this guys justifications. If you don't like pink, don't wear it, be a trendsetter against pink. But don't demean people as insecure or otherwise for breaking a stereotype.