Sunday, April 10, 2005

One of the worst movies I've seen...

...and I totally loved the first one. Heidi and I suffered through Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason tonight. We've had it for about a week from Netflix but with me working the graveyard shift and all, it's been hard to find time to watch it. So we decided to put it in tonight, knowing full well that it got bad reviews and that the source material was inferior to the original's.

But I didn't think it would be as bad as it was. The problem with the movie was that Bridget is the heroine of the movie and we're supposed to be rooting for her, but all that happens to her is she gets put in one embarrassing situation after another for no apparent reason other than to make her look bad. It was obvious to me that the director (not the director of the original Bridget Jones' Diary) had not an ounce of respect for Bridget and just wanted to see her humiliated. Plus there was nothing driving the narrative at all, just a bunch of inane "will they break up and for what utterly ridiculous reason?"

I will say I enjoyed the part where they were in Thailand at least slightly, but it was still pretty much insufferable and that's really too bad as I wanted to like it so desperately. I don't frequently give movies a 1-star rating on Netflix, but I'm afraid this one has earned every last bit of it's 1-star rating.

The best part of the movie is without a doubt the Sting/Annie Lennox duet "We'll Be Together" which unfortunately, is not available for download from iTunes and I'm certainly not buying the CD soundtrack.
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