Monday, July 11, 2005

Complete assholes

I know that sometimes I can get a little carried away with my political beliefs and pretty much damn anyone who doesn't believe as I do, but this absolutely takes the cake. These people are complete and utter assholes, as if we needed anymore evidence.

Heidi's current WIP features a gay subplot that's going to have as its antagonist a pastor of a local religious right congregation. So she went to the Fred Phelps site God H@t3s (purposely obfuscated so that search engines won't get my site when that particular search term is entered) to get a better idea of what her antagonist in its worst possible form might look like. She was sickened. And rightly so. Not only do they have the standard idiotic anti-gay rhetoric, they actually have the balls to celebrate the London bombings! I'm not even going to link to the page--if you want to see it, you know how to get there.

For the love of God, have these people no soul? I guess the answer to that is pretty obvious.

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