Friday, July 29, 2005

Totally Diva

To continue with my recent Annie Lennox fest, I got the DVD Annie Lennox: Totally Diva from Netflix the other day. I sat up and watched it last night. While not the best collection of videos in the world, they mostly fit the songs. They weren't elaborate productions that we come to expect from the likes of Madonna, but they were very Annie.

They had the videos for the singles--"Why" and "Walking on Broken Glass" (although the fantastic video for "Little Bird" is conspicuously absent.) I always loved the many different Annies that came out to join the real and obviously very pregnant Annie on stage. But additionally, there were videos for all but one of the other songs. Even the CD bonus track "Keep Young & Beautiful" had a video. Like I said, they weren't spectacular (except for "Walking on Broken Glass" and all of it's Dangerous Liasons garb.)

But my favorite of all the videos was for probably my favorite song on Diva--"Money Can't Buy It." It features Annie with a towel over her head singing with herself in the mirror. And that's pretty much it. The whole thing was very Joan Crawford and I can't wait to show the video to Jeff. And if the whole mirror duet thing wasn't enough, she even breathes on the mirror and plays with the condensation. What a concept, right?

Gotta love good old Annie Lennox.

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