Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cookies galore

Heidi has been trying to bake Christmas cookies every day for the last week, but between me on the overnight shift and then the plague from hellTM, it just has not worked out. Today it did. And what a good day to stay the hell inside because it was 48 degrees when we woke up and by mid afternoon, it was in the teens. Now, it is 7 degrees.

Anyway, round one of the cookie baking extravanga commenced today. She made monster cookies and gingerbread men. Actually, she made the monster cookies and the dough for the gingerbread men. The actual cutting out of the men (and women) fell to Anna and me.

This one is my favorite - it is my vogue-ing gingerbread man.

I will not rest till I figure out how to put a cone-bra on him. Then he'll be straight out of the "Like A Virgin" performance on Blond Ambition.

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