Friday, February 06, 2009

A comb, perhaps?

I think that Diana Krall forgot to do her hair before shooting the album cover of her new CD.

I do love Diana, but I'm a little bit unsure about the Brazilian stuff - it has never been my cup of tea. And the promise of blending ballads with bossa nova, well, it sounds kind of sleepy for me. The last time she did sleepy, it was The Look of Love which I never really got into. It is perfect for listening to in bed, when you want to go to sleep! I much prefer her peppier stuff, and her The Girl In The Other Room album is her piece de resistance.

Perhaps I'll be wrong. I would love to be wrong. If I am wrong about the new album being sleepy and boring, I will publicly eat my words in this very forum. But I am much more interested in news that she is producing Barbra Streisand's next album. The possibilities are endless. (even better post here.)

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