Sunday, February 15, 2009

The difference between Friday and Sunday night

When I got home from work on Friday night, even though I worked an hour and a half of overtime and was completely exhausted, I felt like I did many weekends in college. The weekend was full of potential and the possibilities endless. It made me want to cue up some 90s dance stuff - something like Corona's "Rhythm of the Night" or Snap!'s "Rhythm Is A Dancer" or Real McCoy's "Another Night." I did just that, and it sounded amazing.

It's Sunday night now and while I'm sitting here listening to Corona. It does not have the same boundless energy that it did on Friday, even though it's the same song. It must be because it is Sunday.

Still, you can't help but love this stuff.


Arvind said...

oh yeahhh!!! It is the same with me on Saturday and Sunday nights (I have classes on saturdays and only sunday is a day off). I guess it is because on saturdays I feel good that I dont have to wake up early the next day, dont have to finish my assignments and if lucky go for a short trip.

Sunday night is just like any other night - classes next day, assignments, demanding teachers.. and the fact that the whole day went so fast makes it worse.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Some damn good things happen on Sunday night. Sometimes. ;)

Dan said...

My mistake - completely! ;)