Monday, February 09, 2009

Attention to detail

I'm reading the book Band Fags! right now on Heidi's incredibly solid recommendation (although I had heard of it prior to her reading it - hell, I bought it for her!) The thing that is just killing me about this book is the incredible attention to 80s detail that the author pays. Everything from differentiating Sue from Clyde to watermelon Bubbilicious is inserted with TLC into each scene.

But the laugh-out-loud scene from tonight? The main character (who is ostensibly straight but I have my doubts) being a member of the Kristian Alfonso fan club. I mean, Hope from Days of Our Lives? One of the perks of being a member of the Kristian Alfonso fan club is a T-shirt with the image of Ms. Alfonso on the front. I am seriously having trouble getting my head around an 8th grade guy wearing that shirt. But it's all good.

I'm only 50+ pages in. It's a keeper.

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Frank Anthony Polito said...

Hey, Dan--

Thanks for taking the time to read my book (and for buying it for Heidi!) I'm so glad you appreciate all the '80s detail, esp. since I've been criticized by others for "dropping" too many references. When you're a teenager, you just KNOW those things. They are your world!

As for the Kristian Alfonso fan club T-shirt... I only wore mine to school ONCE. It's been hanging in my closet ever since. (I think it's still there, in fact, at my parents' house in Hazeltucky!)

Hope you enjoy the rest of the story...