Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I have gone on a lot about how I don't think Madonna is growing old with any kind of grace. Stevie Nicks, on the other hand, is showing everyone how to do it. And considering how she's pretty damn lucky that she's made it to 60, I don't think it could have come from a more unlikely source.

Her "new" CD and DVD is out today. I lack the funds to purchase it this week, but I did buy the AmazonMP3 exclusive track, "Enchanted." While her voice does not have the youthfulness of her 80s solo records, she is in probably the finest live vocal form I have ever heard for her - probably the best live vocals I have heard since The Dance in 1997.

Rock on, Stevie. Your music has always inspired me, even when it has been not-so-good and laced with Klonopin. Now please, PLEASE, record some new material! Lindsey has released 3 albums since you released Trouble In Shangri-La.

PS - That top hat is just about the sexiest thing I have seen all day. Just sayin'.

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Yuяi said...

Did you catch Stevie on the Chris Isaak Hour? She was extremely candid about her cocaine usage and drug dependencies. And she spends hours and hours in the VA hospitals listening to the wounded soldiers. Man, that made me like her that much more. Apparently, she buys 400 ipods or so, loads them with her music and her faves and passes them out to the soldiers. Awesome!