Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I don't care, I don't care

One of my all time favorite Belinda Carlisle songs found its way back on to my radar this morning.

And that song would be "Fool For Love" which is an album track from 1987's Heaven On Earth (still my favorite of Belinda's solo albums - not one bad track on there! Plus she was never hotter than on that album cover.)

The reason I love it so much is two-fold. One, I believe that it is biochemically impossible to feel bad when you're listening to this song. Acting as an aural SSRI, it can take one's brain from sadness to unbridled joy in 3:56. Yes, it is cheesy and the production is totally 80s, but that is the large majority of its charm.

The other reason? It is inextricably linked to my friend Jeff and his former girlfriend Holly. Every time I listen to the chorus, which consists of the extremely imaginative lyrics "If I'm a fool for love/If I'm a fool for love/If I'm a fool for love/I don't care/I don't care" all I can think of is Holly mocking the song with a nasal "I don't caaaare. I don't caaaaare."

Her mocking did not deter Jeff and me. We still loved it. And to this day, I can still hear her singing that.

So if you're feeling a bit down this morning (or any morning), I submit that Belinda's "Fool For Love" is just the prescription.

(this live version does not do the studio version justice! Get it here! You won't be sorry.)


xolondon said...

I loved her back then, but I refuse to watch her plastic face on that TV dance show. I was scarred enough by her nipples in Playboy.

She is so old now that her son is a big Dem supporter.

Dan said...

I haven't REALLY liked any album of hers since Runaway Horses, but there have been songs here and there since then that have caught my attention.

Sadly, I have never seen her Playboy spread.