Monday, March 30, 2009


I went out tonight to pick up our crotch crock pot from Jess. I took my truck because it was beyond time to get gas for it. It was seriously running on fumes - I had been afraid that I didn't have enough gas to get out of the ramp at work today. I brought my iPod with me and a couple different songs came on.

The first was an old Cher song from the Prisoner album called "Boys & Girls." (stream) The second "Never Go Home Again" from the new RuPaul CD Champion (so much better than it has any right being.) I found the disconnect between me listening to those songs while driving a big old burly truck very amusing. Once again, failing to live up to gender stereotypes.

Say what you will about my musical choices, at least my truck doesn't have truck balls, which I didn't even know existed until last weekend.

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