Sunday, May 10, 2009

For sale

Next weekend, we are having a garage sale - the one at which the MAD magazines are 99.99999% certain to be for sale. I honestly didn't think we would be having it in May, at least not May of 2009. Just a few weeks ago, the stuff was scattered about the basement in nearly complete disarray, some of it still bearing the tags from the last garage sale. When Heidi announced a month or so ago that she wanted to have the garage sale before we left on on our Phoenix/L.A. trip in June, I thought that I would be amazed if it actually happened.

Well, believe it. Because it's going to happen. I have to give it up to Heidi because a lot of it has been her doing. She tagged almost all the clothes and toys and various sundry items. I did a lot of the heavy lifting and cleaning up of yard toys and electronic equipment. I hauled more books than you care to think about. But it really is going to happen next weekend, rain or shine.

There are two types of garage sales. There are the ones at which you set out to make money. These are almost always folly because you just can't make tons when most things are priced below a dollar (although we did make about $500 on our last one.) Then there are the ones designed to move the crap. We are aiming for the last one, but will settle for some crossover.

In the meantime, here's a shot of Bette and Joan getting ready for their garage sale. They are cussing out the early birds who arrived prior to the sale start time. (it always happens!!)

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