Monday, May 04, 2009

Mad magazines coming out my ears

For the last 25 years, I have been lugging around boxes full of old MAD magazines that I collected as a kid. They run roughly from 1981-1986, but that is a damn lot of MAD magazines. MAD was such an essential part of my formative years that I have never been able to part with them. Consequently, they have stayed in the basement in boxes, barely ever looked at, but still there just in case.

About ten years ago, a CD-ROM set containing every issue of MAD was released. I bought it, but it is very cumbersome to use because you are constantly switching discs. Recently, that has been updated to every issue of MAD on one DVD, which I wouldn't mind buying but it seems like I am buying something twice, which Suze Orman will tell you is wasting money.

So I've put up a poll for those interested in helping me figure out what to do with thes albatrosses. It's at the top of the page and I would appreciate any input from the peanut gallery. There are three options, but anything else, you can put in the comments or e-mail me privately. I am having a hard time getting rid of them, but a part of me thinks that if I put them on the garage sale we're having in a few weeks, they might sell like hotcakes. Then I could put the money toward purchasing the DVD.

(that Yoda one is NOT - despite what I thought earlier - one of the many that I'm pondering junking, I started collecting with MAD #223 with J.R. Ewing on the cover.)

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Arvind said...

I voted for "Keep them! They're priceless treasures!"

I have always loved Mad magazines, especially the spy vs spy section :) though it was initially tough to get here, I have quite a collection myself.

personally I dont find comics and magazines as comfortable in cd / dvd format. I love having it in the book format, since i can take it anywhere - a picnic, long journey and loo