Thursday, February 24, 2011

Portrait of the blogger as a young boy

I've been going through all these old photo albums that my mom has, slowly but surely scanning the pictures in so that they have a little more permanence. One of the albums that she has was from my grandmother's house and has a lot of pictures that I had not seen before. Anyway, this was one of them.

When I think of myself as a young boy, this is how I remember myself. I had a school desk that I would sit at and do math workbooks, if you can believe it! Funny thing is I see a lot of Anna in that photo. I can't imagine getting my child to do something like that, although she does manage to spend a lot of time at her computer (although she's spent more time with the Wii since she got Zelda for Christmas.)

That's the part of ourselves we have to take care of because those of you that know me well probably recognize him in the adult me. I know I sure do.


mary35 said...

I'm a little concerned-- Were you doing these workbooks FOR FUN? I shouldn't laugh-- I got a Little Professor for Christmas as a kid, but I was/am very mathematically challenged.

Dan said...

I probably was doing them for fun, which is really sad. I had all sorts of science and math stuff that I did when I was a kid which probably helped drive me to the career I'm in now.

I just love that my parents put my name on the front of the desk.