Tuesday, April 06, 2004

58 year-old women rapping

I picked up the new Blondie CD today The Curse of Blondie. It's been out in Europe and Australia since last fall, but I've resisted the urge to pick up an import copy because I was just sure that it'd get a stateside release eventually. I have to say that there aren't too many 58 year-old women that can rap like Deborah Harry. She sounds just like she did way back when she first rapped in "Rapture." The CD itself, on first listen, is a lot like all the other Blondie CDs and (especially) like Debbie's solo stuff in that it's a really slow burn. The song "Good Boys" jumps off the CD at you and you can hardly ignore it because it's like classic Blondie and the rest of them (so far) don't have hooks anything like that, but that's almost good. It's those CDs that hook you immediately that you end up not liking much or burning out of really quick.

Another really good song is "Hello Joe" which just reminds me (in name only) of the Cher song "Hey Joe." Hey Joe! I hear you shot your woman down.

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