Monday, April 05, 2004

First day down and now the real work begins. I keep telling myself that I won’t be this tired every night after work, but it’s hard to remember that now. I think a lot of it has to do with having to readjust my body’s internal clock—that added with daylight saving time probably is most of the problem. All in all, it was a good day even though I don’t know if I’ll get paid for a full day today or not. I’ll manage, no matter how it works out.

So tonight Jeff’s making lasagna (read: he’s throwing a frozen one in the oven—he doesn’t have Heidi’s culinary abilities) and I’m sure we’ll try to find some cheap airfares to Washington D.C. Yes, that’s right—we’re going to Madonna’s Re-Invention Tour on June 14th at the MCI Center in Washington D.C.!! We’re not on the floor, but we’re on the main concourse (right above the floor) so the seats rock. I can hardly believe that we’re going, let alone that we’re flying all the way to D.C. to go to a concert! It turned out to be a good thing too, because the fourth show in Chicago sold out again. In a way, it’s almost better because now I don’t have to worry about driving to Chicago and in Chicago and trying to get a cab back from the United Center. The D.C. Metro goes right underneath the MCI Center and I remember from riding it back when Heidi and I were there in 2000 that it was the easiest way to get around D.C. So that’s way cool. Jeff’s buying the airfare as a birthday present to me. I’m springing for my ticket and taking care of the hotel room. We were looking at tour spoilers last night trying to get an idea of what the set list might look like—so far we’ve seen “Borderline”, “Deeper & Deeper”, “Justify My Love” and “Bedtime Story” mentioned. This tour is gonna rock!

The people at work are nice and they all seem to be happy to see me. The director is a really nice guy and really laid back so I guess I’m lucky that way too. I am so eager for the whole moving thing to be over and to have my girls living in the same house as me again. I talked to Heidi at lunch and she said that Anna’s doing pretty well although she always thinks that every time a car pulls up in the driveway that it’s “Daddy!” She was telling me that she and Anna are talking a lot about the new house and that everybody’s going to the new house. We’re not going to pack up the vast majority of Anna’s stuff till the last minute. And in addition to all the moving paranoia that Anna seems to be having, we’ve also got a really irrational bugphobia going on too—even when there aren’t any bugs to be seen. I miss her so much—bugphobia and all.

So all in all a good day. I’ll be glad when I only have to drive home in Ames and not drive to Ankeny. The commute was fun in the morning, but not so much at night when all I wanted to do was get home. And now Lita Ford’s “Back To The Cave” is playing in Winamp. What more can you ask for?

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