Friday, April 23, 2004

What is my major malfunction?

What am I doing listening to Nick Lachey on Rhapsody this morning? Have I finally lost all my sanity and sense of self-respect? The music's not bad apart from being the syrupy slow boy-bandish ballad type song, but it caused me to look up his solo album on Rhapsody which has some more up tempo songs.

Settling into the new job and the new house. Ryan and Olenka are coming to Ames tonight along with my mom and dad. We'll all be going out to Hickory Park tonight where I'm sure Anna will eat nothing because whenever we take her to a restaurant lately, she doesn't want to eat but would rather run around. It's easy to get frustrated with her, but she's just a kid and a pretty good one at that.

Brian pointed out how the city of Ames sure trotted out the welcome wagon on our first "real" weekend in Ames. Truthfully, we didn't even notice anything and I wasn't even 100% positive that there had even been a riot until I got to work on Monday morning and people were talking about it. I sure hope that it doesn't spell the end of Veishea because it really is a good celebration for the university and does draw a lot of business to the city. Veishea has survived riots in the past, so I imagine it'll go on, but I completely expect them to take the celebration off of Welch Avenue and put it out by the Iowa State Center or contain it all on the campus.

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