Friday, April 02, 2004

This is it!

Today's my last day of work. It's the last day I'll ever come home from this job. They've hired someone to replace me so there's no chance of going back even if I wanted to. They had a party for me yesterday which was really great--I've realized that I've been a little bit harsh on the people at work and all their melodramatic (at least by my estimations) reactions toward my departure. I've realized that this degree of sadness is how some people deal with change. To a lot of these folks, I may as well be dead because they're starting to reconcile the fact that their lives are not going to be shared with mine any more. So it kind of it like a death.

It's a gorgeous day though--sunny but cool and everything's so green. So that feels good. I hope that this kind of weather holds through the move. It would really suck to have either rain or gross amounts of humidity while moving.

Last night, Anna wanted to know why we took down the pictures on the dresser in our room. It was kind of sad--she truly doesn't quite get the move. She knows that something's changing, but isn't sure what. Heidi and I are convinced that Anna thinks she's not going to get to come along. Consequently, we talk a lot about the "new house" and how everybody's going to the new house in a little bit. I was telling Heidi that Anna's right on the edge of getting it--any older and it would be really hard to explain it to her, but any younger and she wouldn't get it at all. I'm not sure if that means the age she's at is a good one to be moving or not, but it's all happening anyway.

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