Wednesday, November 17, 2004

St. Joseph -- start yelling at him

It's been 9 months since we put our house in Washington on the market and it's still for sale. And Friday, I got a notice in the mail from my insurance company that they're going to be cancelling my house insurance because there's no one living in the house. Of course, we're more than welcome to purchase a "non-occupancy" plan which insure the house at the tidy sum of $1,100 for six months. Great, that's all I need--another 200 bucks a month that I'm going to have to pull out of thin air.

It's hard sometimes to feel like this move was for the best, although I know that it is. I simply hate that house sitting empty in Washington while I throw money at the mortgage. I've already lowered the price $10,000 since we first listed it, but I think it's just the market in the town. I mean, there are probably 100 houses for sale in that town of 7,000 thanks in no small part to the general tanking of the local economy. My father says that if it takes me 5 years to dig out of the debt that I incurred by moving, it's still worth it. And I know that he's right--I would have been crazy to pass up this job and the opportunities it gives me. But still, with the house still sitting there not selling and with us moving into winter, it's disheartening.

We've buried St. Joseph in the yard (any port in a storm) and I just don't know what to do any more. It sucks because I know that no matter what, I'm going to lose money on the house. I keep telling myself that any money I lose is the cost of getting out of Washington, but that's a small consolation most days.

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Brian said...

Gee, maybe you didn't bury him the right way. :) If it's any consolation, I heard this caller on C-Span from Washington, and it sure did not make me nostalgic for my brief visit to the town last year. It is good to get out of an unhappy situation.