Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Less frustrated, but still not happy

I think I've isolated the problem with my iPod and its communication (or lack thereof) with my computer. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that there's something funky going on in my Firewire connection. My biggest clue came when I tried to hook the video recorder up to the Firewire jack in the back of the computer and the computer didn't recognize it either. I went into Device Manager and there's a little exclamation mark next to the IEEE 1394 yada yada yada thing which makes me think there's a driver problem.

So I reboot, and the computer recognizes the Firewire card. It's in device manager, exclamation mark gone. I try to hook up the iPod--no dice. So I refresh the Device Manager and the IEEE 1394 thingee disappears. So something's up and I'm not sure what.

Funny thing, it's almost a relief that it's something in my computer. At least I have some control over that. In the meantime, it works on Heidi's USB 2.0 connection on her computer, so if worse comes to worse, there's always that option.

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