Sunday, January 02, 2005

Post-holiday funk

Well, the holiday season snuck by me again. I worked for most of it, so it didn't really feel much like Christmas. But such is life in the health profession. Germs, heart disease and any other kind of malady you can imagine don't much care if it's a holiday or not.

Not to be too much like Charlie Brown, but I'm finding myself--not surprisingly--in a bit of a post-holiday funk. I think it's just a reminder to me of all the people that I used to be in touch with that I really am no longer. Christmas just serves as a time (to paraphrase Joss Whedon) to hook the corpses of relationships and friendships gone by up to electricity just for the sake of watching them twitch. It's kind of sad because every year I get myself all excited because I think for some reason I have yet to elucidate that this year will be the one that's different and that it'll extend past the annual Christmas update.

It's sad. These are people I once counted as the most important people in my life. How can things change so much? I think I read an article once--in Details magazine, of all places, the one with Madonna on the front looking like Courtney Love--about how people can be important to each other and then suddenly, they shift tracks just slightly and find that suddenly, they're miles apart. Of course, it was much more eloquent in the article.

*sigh* Oh well. Life will go on. Back tomorrow with less depressing stuff.

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