Sunday, January 23, 2005

The more things change

I was watching an episode of *gasp* The Judy Garland Show the other night that I got from Netflix--rented it exclusively because Barbra Streisand was on as a guest. It was really odd, because it was kind of a culture shock to see Barbra looking so young and cutting loose like she was. I had to laugh because the way she looked on the show actually reminded me a lot Jennifer Aniston, and the show was taped 40 years ago!

Barbra -- 1963

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Jennifer Aniston -- recently

Maybe it's just me, but there's more than a passing resemblance. Funny how a 40 year old hairstyle is kind of all current again. Or maybe at least just last season. However, the funniest part was how the first half of The Judy Garland show was brought to you by the American Tobacco Industry--cigarette ads on TV!!

Heidi and I left Anna with my folks this weekend and went to Meet The Fockers--which was leaps and bounds better than Meet The Parents. Granted, I pretty much thought that Meet The Parents sucked so it wouldn't have to be a whole lot better and still be infinitely better. Barbra and Dustin Hoffman totally made the movie. And Barbra clearly had a ball making the movie.

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