Monday, August 21, 2006

Get Together - the KLYF version

When I was a kid, there was a radio station out of Des Moines called KLYF - or K-Life as they called themselves. While it played some AM easy listening favorites, it also played a lot of what could be classified as elevator music. Muzak. Instrumental versions of popular songs. They also had half-hourly (or was it every 15 minutes - I can't remember) "brief summaries of the news" which always had some freakish story that scared me a little bit. Anyway, I listened to it all the time. I had it on all night while I slept. I woke up to it in the morning. I listened to it while I was home sick with the flu or whatever. Needless to say, as a child, I needed help.

I was perusing a Madonna forum the other day and found this remix of "Get Together" called the "Underwater Piano Solo Version." Intrigued, I downloaded it. Now, most fan remixes are utter shit and are immediately deleted, but this one made me laugh so hard I have to keep it around.

Basically, it's the version of "Get Together" that KLYF would have played. All dramatic piano solo, just like the name suggests. Someone must have the sheet music to Confessions on a Dance Floor. In any event, I wish I had the sheet music to Confessions on a Dance Floor.

Here it is -- for you to enjoy as well.

Madonna - Get Together (Underwater Piano Solo Version)

Now excuse me, I'm off to listen to some Roger Whittaker. Probably "Durham Town." OK, not really.

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