Monday, August 28, 2006

Songs of summer, part 3

Yet another installment in the continuing drama of my songs of summer. This time, songs 11-15.

1) Wynonna Judd - I Want To Know What Love Is (Piper Radio Edit) (iTunes)
I was randomly searching Wikipedia on night, and for some reason, my iTunes had landed on a Wynonna Judd song I hadn't heard in forever. While I was reading about her, I found out that her cover of the Foreigner song "I Want To Know What Love Is" had been given the remix treatment. Of course, I had to find it. And luckily, iTunes had it. It works on so many levels it's not even funny.

2) Madonna - Like A Virgin (Live - Confessions Tour)
One of the highlights of the summer was my trip to Las Vegas to see Madonna on her Confessions Tour. And this song was definitely on the of the highlights of that concert. It's a great new arrangement that's, oddly enough, faithful to the original arrangement. And while it was easy to focus on Madonna gyrating on a saddle going up and down like a carousel horse, if you were paying attention to the video screens behind her, you saw actual x-rays from her own fall from a horse a year ago.

3) Sheryl Lee Ralph - In The Evening (Almighty Anthem Mix)
Another find from my very exciting (and very expensive) trip to Borderline Music in Chicago last April. It's a great high energy song basically about going out and how "in the evening/the real me comes alive." I don't know the origin of the song, but the mix is fantastic.

4) John Mayer - Route 66 (iTunes)
I took Anna to Cars earlier this summer and we really liked it. Okay, it stretched her attention span some, but I thought it was great fun. I can pretty much always count on the Pixar folks to write a good story to go along with the computer animation. And I love this cover of Route 66. I have a love/hate relationship with John Mayer, but this is definitely one of his better works. However, I'm really not all that crazy about his "Waiting On The World To Change."

5) Saint Etienne - A Good Thing (iTunes)
I got into Saint Etienne thanks to a friend I made via It was one of his top artists so I found myself poking around iTunes wondering what they sounded like. He also sent me a few songs to sample, but "A Good Thing" was the first song I bought of theirs off iTunes. They're kind of like a version of Blondie, which is a good thing because I really heart Deborah Harry and, let's face it, she's 60 and won't be recording forever.

Only a couple more installments to go!

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