Saturday, December 30, 2006

Lazy Saturday

It's Saturday, the New Year is nearly upon us,'s raining in Iowa. Or at least it will be (although apparently, Iowa warmth doesn't have anything on Arctic warmth.)

When I was growing up, it NEVER rained at this time of the year. To not have snow at this time of the year was completely and utterly unheard of. So far this winter, we have had exactly one dusting of snow, and apart from that, all the precipitation has been rain. Not even our beloved "mixed precip" as the local news loves to call it. (And honestly, not having ice and rain has been a blessing during these holiday travels.)

I do miss the snow a bit. It's a terribly unpopular opinion at work. I REALLY wanted a white Christmas because it doesn't really seem like Christmas if it doesn't snow. For people from the southern states, that's not such a big deal. For me, it kind of is. There's something incredibly comforting about being snowed into your house during a blizzard. Watching the snow pile up outside, seeing it come down, lit only by the streetlights - it's an amazing thing.

So I'm going to spend today with Anna. We're going to go see Charlotte's Web thanks to a movie gift card I got from the hospital during pharmacy week this year. I love going to the movie with her - although she inevitably turns to me at some point during the movie and says "Daddy, this movie is kind of long!" (She did that during Happy Feet and I had to agree with her.)

In the meantime, here's a picture my dad took outside their house several winters ago . This is what winter in Iowa should be like:

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