Monday, December 11, 2006

Up earlier than I expected

I stayed up till 1AM last night finishing up American Dream - more on that later - but when I finally did go to sleep, I dreamt and dreamt and dreamt. The dream I remember the most had Darren Hayes in it. I always have star-studded dreams, I don't know why that is. The reason Darren Hayes was in my dreams last night probably had a lot to do with the fact that I was listening to Savage Garden on my iPod while I slept last night.

Anyway, I had this dream and in it Darren Hayes was a patient at Hospice of Washington County. It was weird, because it was kind of like a flashback dream, where you saw all the events leading up to the present piecemeal throughout the dream. I don't know what kind of disease he had - it was kind of AIDS-like, but I really don't think it was that. I just remember that they were giving him dexamethasone IV every 6 hours (which probably suggests some kind of cancer with brain metastasis) and that he was all loopy and was just singing random parts of his songs. The fact that I was hearing parts of the songs in my dreams almost assuredly has to do with the music playing on my iPod. But it was weird. I remember being very sad, and a lady from work was in the dream with me and was sad too - someone who wrote such good songs dying and all. As usual, no lack of dramatics or anything.

Mostly, it was just a silly dream, but it was very vivid. And begged to be written down. At least there were no zombies in it.

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