Monday, September 17, 2007

Autumn mornings

It's not exactly a crisp autumn morning around here - we're headed for a high of 85 today, but the weather has been gorgeous here lately. The other not so great thing is the realization that what I thought were allergies yesterday is actually a cold and I'm pretty miserable this morning. A part of me thinks I'd be better off staying home from work today, but that's the lazy part of me. I am really not THAT sick, mostly just uncomfortable. And a little medicating will go a long way toward remedying that.

But I sit here at the computer in the last few minutes before I go to get ready with my Millstone Pumpkin Spice coffee (simply the best pumpkin spice coffee I've ever had) listening to Babs wail "Down With Love" in the background. To make it a perfect fall morning, we just need to shave 30 degrees off the temperature and get us some more honeycrisp apples.

Dear God, those honeycrisp apples are fabulous.


V said...

I hope you rest up and feel better! And a cup of that coffee and honeycrisp apples, I'm sure will help.

Dan said...

I am feeling better even tonight so that's a relief. Thanks for the well wishes.

Yuяi said...

What's a honeycrisp apple? :)

Allergies are amok everywhere ... I hope you are feeling better.