Sunday, April 26, 2009

Anna on the piano

I posted this on Facebook, so for those of you who are duplicated here (i.e. most of you), please forgive the duplication. I just want to be a proud dad in more than one place.

Anna had her first piano recital today. My father confided in me a couple years ago that of all the things we did as kids, piano recitals were the things he just couldn't handle. And really, who can blame him? 36 kids of varying piano playing ability playing "Snug As a Bug in a Rug" (thank you Eddie Izzard) or "Theme from Young & The Restless"? Torture. I couldn't have done it. But as usual, having a kid in it made it all better. We even played a duet.

It was a tight 45 minutes, so really, it wasn't all that bad.

I should have done my Celine Dion impression. Or worn the Heart of the Ocean. Actually, it's probably best I didn't.

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mary35 said...

I'll take a piano recital any day over a sporting event . . . especially small children playing basketball. Even at the middle school level, the kids may run up and down the floor for twenty minutes, and no one makes a basket. Perhaps I like the piano recitals so much because I wanted to play the piano but did't have the opportunity as a kid.