Saturday, April 25, 2009


I found out that Bea Arthur died today at the age of 86 after watching that episode of The Golden Girls called "The Impotence of Being Ernest." I don't care much for the main storyline of that episode (Rose dates a guy who is impotent) but the secondary storyline featuring Sophia carrying out an 80s Sicilian vendetta is that show at its finest.

Blanche: (picking up the phone) Sophia, it's for you. He says his name is Tony the Hook.
Sophia: Tell him I'll call him back. (looks incredulous) What? He's my butcher. Yeah, that's butcher.

As my friend Matt says, no one could deliver a punchline like Bea Arthur. I would add to that sentiment by saying that Arthur frequently said more with a look than many comedians can with an entire monologue.

She will be missed, but thank God the reruns of The Golden Girls will continue until the end of time.


Myfizzypop said...

so sad. She had such a varied career too. I love her caustic barbs and looks in Bosom Buddies in MAme.

Nomad said...

it's interesting to see older pictures of Bea Arthur, in a certain light, one might say that she looked like Catherine Zeta Jones...