Monday, May 01, 2006

Back from Chicago

So much for blogging during the trip. We're back now and after a long & rainy drive yesterday, I'm safe in the confines of my house. We're still one cat short (at the vet, we have to basically put him in solitary confinement for the next several months -- long story but the other option is putting him to sleep which is so not an option.)

Those expecting a trip report will have to wait though. I work tonight and then again at 7AM tomorrow, 8AM on Wednesday, and then we're off to Kansas City for a couple days. Nothing like doing all your summer vacationing all at once before summer even starts.

Oh and then there's Madonna in *gasp* 26 days!!

And I was going to post a picture of Anna and me in our matching Sue the T. rex shirts, but Blogger is being dunderheaded and not letting me. So probably later.

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