Sunday, May 14, 2006

Big ship taking on water fast

Now, I haven't seen either Mission Impossible III or Poseidon, but the fact that both of these so-called "summer blockbusters" opened far below expectations does not bode well for the summer movie season, which usually has a lot of good eye candy. Apparently Poseidon only took in around $20 million on its opening weekend, losing out to last weeks loser, MI:3. And while one would be tempted to think that MI:3 actually has legs, unlike most summer movies that blow their wad in the first weekend and then end up on DVD in 3 months, the gross for MI:3 was off the requisite 50% of the previous weekend.

I'm sure that The Da Vinci Code will change this -- you'd think all that controversy being stirred up would do something for the grosses on that movie.

I don't completely chalk this up to bad movies coming out of Hollywood these days, although that's certainly a factor. I think fewer people are actually going to movies -- I know that we can barely afford it any more, and we used to go to everything that came out. Now, we're content to wait until it comes to the local budget theater or wait for DVD.

Jeez, Hollywood, get your heads out of your butts.

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