Saturday, May 06, 2006

Friday night videos

I've stayed up way too late watching old 80's videos on You Tube. It kind of reminds me of the Friday nights I spent in high school flipping back and forth between Night Tracks, Friday Night Videos and MTV -- watching videos all night. I always forget how good the videos were back then. Not that all of them have aged incredibly well, but it just seems like the videos were so much more original back then. Not that we even see videos any longer, but I digress.

This video of Rhonda from USA's Up All Night was what started it all -- it got me to thinking about the time that late night TV was filled with B-movies and music videos rather than informercials.

What a hoot, huh? So I got searching for all the music videos I would have seen had this been say, 1987 and I was watching Friday Night Videos. Here's a couple that I found.

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