Friday, May 05, 2006

Kansas City trip -- with a dash of Mormonism

Like I said in my last post, we just got back from Kansas City today. I figure by the end of the month, I'll have been in six different states -- counting Iowa -- which include Missouri and Kansas from this weekend and Illinois, Nevada and Texas when I go to Madonna, so I'm quite the Midwest traveler, I guess. Anyway, we stopped at the official Iowa welcome center on the way out of Iowa and I managed to snap this picture of a sign erected to honor the Mormon travelers who passed through southern Iowa on their way to Utah.

The story of the Mormon trek westward is a fascinating one -- one I read about after I met my friend Kevin who is LDS. Perhaps the best book I've ever read about Mormon history is Nightfall at Nauvoo which was loaned to me by my Lutheran pastor stepfather-in-law and it was a great read. Sadly, it's out of print and expensive as all get out to purchase. The coolest part is that the Mormons actually left Iowa City on my birthday! (granted about a hundred or so years before I was born, but y'know!)

Anyway, we get to the hotel in KC and I'm dead tired and barely able to keep my eyes open. I laid down on the bed to rest a little bit and my daughter comes out of the bathroom where she'd just taken a bath. Suddenly I hear this "Here Daddy, let me tell you a story!" I open my eyes and she has nothing less than The Book of Mormon in her hand! I had to laugh. So I made her pose for a picture.

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