Monday, May 22, 2006

The tour opens!

I knew the Drudge Report wouldn't be able to resist a sensational headline featuring Madonna on her jewel encrusted cross. And I'm so pleased they lived up to my (admittedly low) expectations. While I'm not entirely sure that her use of the cross, complete with her "crucifixion" while she sings "Live To Tell" as statistics of poverty played on the screen behind her is entirely necessary (it's always bothered me a bit when Madonna forgets that she is, first and foremost, a pop star) I'll have to wait until I actually see the show on Saturday to decide for certain. You have to admit though, it's a stunning visual and once again, the controversy is not entirely unexpected.

However, it's not the first time she's been condemned by the church. By now, I'm sure she's used to it.

I'm trying really hard not to watch any videos or listen to any more audio of the tour than I already have listened to. I'm telling myself -- "It's only a few more days and then you can look at all the spoilers you want!!" It's bad enough that I know the set list, but I think, in the long run, that's not all bad. I'm pretty pleased with it because it mixes the stuff from Confessions in with just the right amount of oldies. What kills me is that "Ray Of Light" probably qualifies as an oldie now! But as far as Immaculate Collection era songs, there aren't many, but this isn't Re-Invention and she's never claimed that it would be. Here's the set list:

Future Lovers
Get Together
Like A Virgin
Live To Tell
Forbidden Love
Like It Or Not
I Love New York
Ray Of Light
Let It Will Be
Drowned World (Substitute For Love)
Paradise (Not For Me)
La Isla Bonita
Lucky Star
Hung Up

The only song I really wish had made the set list is "Borderline." It's probably one of my all time favorite Madonna songs, and she hasn't sung it on any of the tours I've been to! But it's a good mix of old and new (ok, mostly new) but I don't think it has Drowned World Tour potential. Of course, it helps that Confessions is so dang good that I won't mind hearing most of the album live.

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