Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bearing gifts, part 1

One of the fringe benefits of Heidi's trip to London are the fab gifts that she brought back for me. There are few people who know me as well as she does, and her uncanny knack for knowing exactly what I want, even if I don't, is perhaps one of her most endearing qualities. Anyway, I could have done a big mega-post of the gifts she brought from London, but instead, I decided to do it piecemeal.

Take a look at who's keeping watch over my keyboard these days.

Yep, straight from Forbidden Planet, it's the Doctor, wearing his specs that look a great deal like my own.

And given my love for zombies, it seems only appropriate that the Gelth zombie be mine as well.
(even though she was decidedly washed out by the flash on the camera)

And now you can all see what a messy desk and shelf I have! More to come in the days ahead. I'm on an 8 day stretch at work and the last three are overnight shifts so we'll see how I do.

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