Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rambling all the night

I'm not sure what spirit moved me tonight - it was quite possibly the wine - but I was listening to some Loreena McKennitt tonight and dang, but she's good. I will always associate "The Mummer's Dance" with our honeymoon in 1997 - ten long years ago! We picked up The Book of Secrets at Borders on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. We listened to it practically non stop - and we didn't even know that "The Mummer's Dance" was actually a minor radio hit (albeit in remixed form.)

I remember being blown away by the fact that Loreena McKennitt was FORTY at that time - on the cover of the CD, she looked like she was all of 22! Of course, if she was 40 then, she's 50 now, and she doesn't record nearly enough. She is also so exotically beautiful - she does not have traditional good looks, but she seems tall and regal. I have no idea how tall she actually is so I could just be making shit up.

Anyway - I will always listen to "The Mummer's Dance" and think of Heidi.

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