Friday, November 21, 2008

A grain of salt

I am not getting my hopes up, but perhaps there might, just might be a small chance that David Tennant will be back on Doctor Who for the next full season after all.

Here's the quote:

But we hear the wild-eyebrowed Scot is close to signing for a new full series of the sci-fi hit for 2010.

Our source said: "David loves filming Doctor Who. The upcoming specials have given him more freedom to work on other projects this year and now he’s ready to come back to film a proper series to go out in 2010."

However, it is the Sun, so it could just be a whole bunch of crap. But the fact that Donna Noble and The Master (with John Simms reprising his role) are both coming back for one-off appearances in the next year makes me very happy!

Maybe there is a God, after all.


Yuяi said...

Perhaps Tennant will return and do a proper season. That would be fantastic! He's THE "Doctor Who" for me as well.

I like Freema/Martha Jones better than (Dr.) Donna, but Donna' great in her own right. Even my kids love Doctor Who! For days and days we went around the house saying, "Donna Noble has left The Library. Donna Noble has been saved" to each other. Good times!

Dan said...

See, Donna is the proper follow-up to Rose in our house. Heidi and I grew very weary of Martha's constant mooning over the Doctor. With Donna, they took the romantic tension out and I really felt that the 4th series was stronger for it. However, Heidi said that Martha improved dramatically on Torchwood, but I never watched it so I can't speak to that!

Tennant forever!

John said...

Yuri, the programming going on in your home is outstanding. I respect you just a tad more now than I did before reading your comment (if that could even be possible)!

Dan, there's room for all three, IMHO. True love led to unrequited love, which led to love for "a mate", as he put it in "Partners in Crime". I have no idea where it goes from here, but I'm excited whichever way.

Adem With An E said...

Oh... we can hope. I really do hope he does decide to return.

BTW: Like the new clothes your site is sporting!