Saturday, November 08, 2008

I'm walking blindfolded

So Heidi's out at Panera tonight doing the NaNoWriMo which means that Anna and I have been left to our own devices for a while. We played Monopoly Junior (Princess Edition) in which she completely cleaned my clock. But we have also completely immersed ourselves in the Pointer Sisters! It all started with "Automatic."

"Automatic" is one of those Pointer Sisters songs that Jason Hare of PopDose refers to as "sung by Mr. Pointer" because of Ruth Pointer's deep vocals. Anna even said "Dad, is that a boy?" which was when I took the opportunity to point out that it was the Pointer SISTERS. I had forgotten how good of a song "Automatic" really was. This led us through a cornucopia of Pointer Sisters hits - "Jump (For My Love)", "I'm So Excited", and of course, "Neutron Dance."

But for my money, "Dare Me" is still my favorite Pointer Sisters song. And XO wrote the definitive piece on "Dare Me."


John said...

Daaaaang! That's some fun stuff. I remember seeing the video for "Dare Me" on VH1, when they still played videos. For a while there, they would play something like this, and then go into the Judds, or some craziness like that. Thanks for the memory!

xolondon said...

Okay, I totally thought that said "Heidi is out at Pantera tonight."

Anonymous said...

"Priority" is my favorite Pointer Sisters album ever. They got all rock n rolly on it and the result was fantastic and didn't do jack in sales. I so wish they'd put that sucker out on cd already!