Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A touch more time

I was out getting gas for the car a bit ago and I for whatever reason, I thought of the old Sheena Easton song "So Far, So Good." My desire to listen to the song was so intense that I had to find it on my iPod and put it on. It is one of my favorite Sheena Easton songs, and one of her last hits (and had The Lover In Me not come around, it might have been her last.)

This is one of those 80s songs I have dual memories of - the first from when it was popular, and the second from the early 90s right after I got a Sheena Easton best-of that had the song on CD for the first time ever, consequently causing me to play the hell out of it. It's one of those songs that simultaneously screams fall 1993 as well as 1986. I have always loved the bridge, which contains a classic misheard lyric on my part:

I'm not pulling any punches
I'm not handing you a line
I'm just telling you my hunch is
All we need is a touch more time.

I always heard "touch more time" as "church on time." In the long tradition of misheard lyrics, the misheard lyric makes no sense, but you go with it.

I got to wondering if there was a video for it, and sure enough there is.

Things I love about this video:
1) Sheena is a boss from hell that sings at her desk! (there should have been more of it!!)
2) The plastic fried egg next to her phone.
3) The fake bucket of paint spilling in the background at roughly 1:30.
4) That guy's big red glasses
5) Sheena's earrings - they are going to blacken someone's eye.
6) Sheena getting all serious about directing whatever she's directing at 3:17.

There are so many camp moments in this video, I lost count. Classic.


John said...

One of my favorite Sheena tracks. If I'm not mistaken, it peaked at something like #41, which upset the chart geek in me greatly. I actually found the song because I went to see "About Last Night" at the theater, in part because I heard there was full frontal of Rob Lowe. It was more of a shadow, but the budding homosexual in me took whatever he could.

Randy said...

I really like the song, but visually, this is one of Sheena's worst eras.