Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Heidi kinda nailed the whole Bookcrossing's kind of the adult internet equivalent of releasing helium filled balloons on the last day of school or during Vacation Bible School or whatever with little pieces of paper with your address in them, hoping beyond hope that someone will find them. No one ever found my balloons growing up--so I suppose no one will ever find my books. Or, rather, a janitor will probably find my books and trash them. Oh well, at least I'm doing my part for book karma. But I won't deny there's a part of me that gets a cheap thrill out of wondering where the books I release will go to.

I have to say that ever since Howard Dean dropped out of the Democratic race, I've really lost interest. Kerry is so uninspiring to me as a candidate. MAD TV did a skit on Saturday which was a take-off on "American Idol" only it was "American Political Idol" and a guy playing Kerry was on there with the on-screen descriptor "JOHN KERRY -- Frontrunner and living corpse." And that isn't too far off. I tell you, if I vote for Kerry, it'll be more a vote against Bush than anything else unless he gives me something to feel passionate about. So consequently, I haven't been reading the Daily Kos as much anymore. I feel like I should care more, but I feel like the Democrats screwed up so bad this year by going with a "centrist" (really, Kerry is more liberal than Dean, but Kerry can ostensibly "beat Bush" so whatever.) The DLC will run Kerry as a centrist and we all know how well that worked the last time. Electing Kerry will stop the shenanigans of the Bush administration, but it won't affect any real change. Kerry's as bought and paid for as Bush only by different people.

So much for my political aspirations. Truth be told I never was very comfortable with the whole phone calling thing. Maybe that was just a Washington thing, but I doubt it. I think most Iowans were sick to death of phone calls and campaign literature by the time the caucus rolled around. Guess I better go back to music and pop culture--I'm a lot better at those kinds of things anyway.

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